Cetos empowers our customers with technology.

We are skilled technologists that apply our passion for technology to create successful solutions for our customers. Built with our customers, our passion drives us to be innovative, creative and proficient. Our love of technology keeps us learning, motivated and enthusiastic about what we do.

Cetos envisions a company led by smart, self motivated, multi-talented professionals doing what they enjoy.

Our vision is to leverage our reputation of building respected technology solutions and becoming a consulting company based on an outstanding team of passionate and expert technologists. We maintain a solid portfolio of application extensions developed with customers that are successful in meeting their objectives. 

Cetos takes a collaborative partnership approach, working side-by-side with our customers to deliver industry-leading solutions. We learn your business and seamlessly integrate with your team so that together we can drive sustainable, profitable growth. From initial concept to implementation, our professionals will assist you every step of the way.

Who We Serve and What We Do:


Cetos provides a suite of applications that extends SAP’s mid-market ERP solutions. Software development and quality are in our DNA. We offer a wide variety of applications for software implementers that give you the resources needed to accelerate time to go-live, improve quality and lower overall costs.

Who We Are

Cetos is a leading provider of applications for SAP SME applications.


Based out of San Diego, California, we accelerate delivery of innovative solutions through our customer centric development approach. Our developers bring organizations faster speed to market so they can stay focused on growing their core business.

The Cetos



Cetos are Entrepreneurs, Operators and Implementers. This gives Cetos a unique viewpoint that other providers lack. We know exactly what it takes to empower customers of an industry-leading platform because we’ve done it ourselves. We continuously plan, develop, and launch new application customer centric extensions.

Get Started

We’re available to answer your questions! Schedule some time with our team today to talk about how we can help develop a solution that makes your business run better, more efficiently, and at lower overall costs.

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